ESG Investing

Hirtle Callaghan offers solutions for institutional and family clients that integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors while maintaining the firm’s approach to commingled vehicles.  This approach has attracted notable interest from a number of current clients that are considering the transition of some or all of their investment portfolio into an ESG Investing strategy.  The commitment to ESG investing across asset classes is representative of the firm’s strong partnerships with clients that are interested in ESG, as well as the firm’s devoted belief that ESG integration is an important and growing approach.  Hirtle Callaghan believes that the development of ESG Investing solutions should generate market competitive returns with a comparable manager fee structure to a more traditional portfolio.  This strong belief is embedded in the design of our ESG solutions.

The firm is fully committed to partnering with clients to implement an ESG Investing strategy or policy.  Our client experiences within ESG Investing have highlighted the importance of collaboration and transparency in the process, from recommendation to transition to execution.  

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