2015 Hirtle Callaghan CIO Conference: Question Convention

At Hirtle Callaghan, we are driven to find better, sometimes quite different ways to capture greater net, risk-adjusted returns.

Adjusted for what kind of risk? Does our industry’s focus on volatility address the risk that concerns us most - or are there other types of risk that worry our clients more? What about risk of loss or risk of failure? Conventional wisdom says that stocks are riskier than bonds. What about price? Is an inexpensive stock riskier than an expensive bond?  Does conventional performance evaluation provide information or noise? Can we employ new performance analytics to help us extend perspective and exploit volatility, rather than being exploited by it?  Are there unconventional investments or investment structures that conceal attractive opportunities?

We explored these questions and more at our annual Hirtle Callaghan CIO Conference on May 27th-28th.  Our theme was Question Convention and we developed an agenda that encouraged our audience to look at their investment program through a new lens.  Jonathan Hirtle and Tom Cowhey introduced the HC Ratio™.  Our keynote speaker was Erik Wahl, author of UNthink (https://theartofvision.com/) and we capped off the conference by honoring David Booth, Founder of DFA and Funder of the Booth School of Business (http://www.chicagobooth.edu/booth/), with our Hirtle Callaghan Investment Leadership Award.

We believe that as an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), it is important for us to continually bring thoughtful ideas to our clients that will help them grow, execute and measure their own programs.  Our conference is designed to provide that insight and knowledge sharing and is only a small sample of the ongoing resources we provide to our clients.

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