Jonathan Hirtle to Present at the IPI Annual Spring Forum

Jonathan Hirtle, Hirtle Callaghan CEO, has been selected by the Institute of Private Investors (IPI) to deliver a presentation at their Annual Spring Forum on May 17th in New York City.  

The title of the presentation is The Next Generation of Indexing and will address the topics below:

Is indexing versus active management a binary decision? Or, might we combine the performance benefits of active management with the tax advantages of indexing? This pioneer of CIO outsourcing will explore next generation indexing that enables investors to actively allocate capital to enhance after-tax returns. Gain a better understanding of the following:

• What is a Manager Style Index?

• How can allocating among Manager Style Indexes enhance after-tax returns?

• When is indexing likely to be more effective than active management? 

More information about IPI and attending the Forum can be found through the following link:
IPI Annual Spring Forum

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