May 16, 2021

Meet Judy Torchiana

“Heeere’s Judy!” says Jon as he enters the office each morning. Our days begin with Judy as she is the first smiling face welcoming us.  Whether you have called our office or listened to the introduction to one of our quarterly webcasts, you have more than likely had the pleasure of speaking with Judy.  Having been with us for over five years now, Judy’s warm personality is an incredible delight; she is a reliable resource for both clients and co-workers.  Appointed the firm’s Chief Fun Officer, Judy brightens the atmosphere by planning celebrations throughout the year.  Whether she is organizing Super Bowl parties, trick-or-treat visits or celebrating National Jell-O Day, Judy’s generous spirit infuses everything she does and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who come to our office.

Prior to joining Hirtle Callaghan, Judy worked for a firm that just so happened to share the same office floor. “I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful orchids,” she remembers. As luck would have it, now it’s our very own Judy taking care of not only the orchids, but everyone here at Hirtle Callaghan.