February 1, 2018

Fourth Quarter 2017: Investment Perspective

There’s something inherently funny about anachronisms. I still get a smile when my mom refers to a refrigerator as an icebox.  I grew out of that one, but still, call the toilet a commode. Anachronisms encapsulate history nicely but obfuscate as well. When we introduced our Market Dashboard in this quarter’s webcast, I worried we might have stumbled into an intergenerational disconnect. I realize that by the time my daughters start to drive they will understand ‘dashboard’ as the heads-up display that informs them of the decisions the car has already made for them—if they can be bothered to glance up from Instagram. “The Lidar intercepted a cyclist crossing at 100 feet and applied 40% braking force,” her dashboard will output. Then hopefully, “Your calculus problem set is due tomorrow.” But that’s precisely not the metaphor we had in mind.

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Investment Perspective 4Q2017 Excerpt