America's First Outsourced Chief Investment Officers

For far too long, serious investors have not been fairly rewarded for putting their capital at risk.  Unjustifiable fees and bad investment decisions, based on instinct rather than the rigor of logic and proven process, rob investors of the returns they are due — Hirtle Callaghan changes all that.

We are an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and investment department serving family groups and institutions.  Our conflict-free structure, sophisticated capability and multi-billion-dollar purchasing power, have made us uniquely suited to harness market complexity and deliver a complete, custom designed investment solution - at little or no incremental cost. The largest, most sophisticated investors in the world rely on a fully staffed internal investment department, led by a qualified Chief Investment Officer. We pioneered the business of delivering that same solution through outsourcing.

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Jonathan Hirtle, Hirtle Callaghan CEO, Appears on Fox Business News

Jonathan Hirtle, Hirtle Callaghan CEO, Appears on Fox Business News
Jonathan Hirtle, CEO of Hirtle Callaghan, joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News on April 18, 2016.

Annual Spring Forum

Hirtle Callaghan Event
Hirtle Callaghan Announces 2016 Investment Leadership Award Recipient: Gloria D. Reeg

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CEO Commentary
In Foiling the "Murder": OCIO to the Rescue, Jon Hirtle discusses the critical role of the CIO and how to differentiate among firms offering OCIO services.

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