Democratizing the Investment Office

The markets upend and boom, bust and correct. More than ever, the investment landscape is complicated by endless choices and constant information flow. What if you could have a partner sitting on the same side of the table – advocating for YOU? Thirty years ago, we pioneered the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer model to reduce the time and resources required internally to achieve world-class investment results. Holding ourselves accountable to the highest standard, we build complete, custom-designed investment solutions that will open possibilities for greater cures, more education, smoother retirement and future generations.

Investing for the Future. Yours.

Every great investor has a strong philosophy. To harness the opportunity in today’s complex investment landscape, we gather a mosaic of global information and analyze it through the lens of our four cornerstone convictions―valuation, breadth, time horizon and cost. Our approach melds data-driven analysis with human insight to come up with the best holistic global investment solution for every client.

  • The going-in Price matters most. Always.

  • Maximizing Breadth of opportunity creates an edge.

  • Extending Time Horizon exploits short-term thinking.

  • Costs count. You can only spend Net Returns.

An Honest-to-Goodness Investment Office

  • Fundamental Alignment
  • Radical Transparency
  • Time on Task
  • Power in Numbers
  • Wall Street Idealism
  • In the Sweet Spot

Let the Compound Annual Growth Rate Set You Free.

Free from worry because you have the capital to pursue your goals, fulfill your missions and build legacies. That is our mission. That is how we define success.

We Exist to Serve Our Clients

  • Trust is paramount. Honest advice holds true and holds fast.

  • We invest with integrity, always taking the high road.

  • Never compromise quality for profit. The client comes first.

  • Our curiosity is relentless, driven by our desire to master our craft.

  • Collaboration facilitates success. It’s not a zero-sum game.

  • We innovate because good enough isn’t good enough.

  • We are committed to growing so that we can help improve more lives and fulfill more missions.

  • We are dedicated to serving you in perpetuity through building an enduring institution.

A History of Innovation

As a pioneer of the outsourced CIO model, we’ve been the first to break new ground many times. Here are some of the firsts we’ve celebrated in the 30 years since our founding.

There’s Always a Next First

At Hirtle Callaghan, we meet our clients’ needs with the constant pursuit of innovation. Check back to see what else we’ve accomplished.

Hirtle Callaghan

Investment Leadership Award

Hirtle Callaghan is committed to celebrating those who represent the best of our industry. The Hirtle Callaghan Investment Leadership Award recognizes true investment professionals and thought leaders who have made a positive impact on the world and in our field over the course of their careers.

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