June 10, 2020

Is Your College’s Financial Future on the Brink?

Colleges and universities today are faced with significant operational uncertainties. Shifting enrollment trends, increased competition, falling net tuition rates and declining endowment returns have pushed operating models to the brink of solvency. Many pundits have predicted that 20% of colleges and universities will be forced to shut down in the next decade. How can you ensure that this does not happen to your institution?


John Griffith, Vice President and our Endowment Specialist, believes that to thrive in this ever-changing landscape colleges and universities need a deep understanding of their financial viability. In our paper Assessing Your College’s Financial Condition, we outline some questions that colleges and universities can ask themselves to determine their financial condition.  We also propose key metrics to track vulnerabilities and areas of opportunity.


Assessing Your College’s Financial Condition – Excerpt


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