October 25, 2023

Podcast Insights from Jon Hirtle

Jon Hirtle was recently the featured guest on two popular podcasts, offering unique insights into his background and Hirtle Callaghan’s investment process.

When you get into a jam, you want to fall back on your discipline, on your method, and how you’ve been trained.

On Private Capital, Host Joe Reilly and Jon delved into the notion of having an enduring investment discipline, relying on an “uninterrupted compelling chain of logic,” even as the market environment changes.  

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It’s not a fair fight. If you ask entrepreneurs who they would want on their cap table, the same names keep coming up. These managers have a first look at everything that’s coming out of Silicon Valley, in effect.

On The Meb Faber Show, Meb and Jon discussed private markets and the nature of market inefficiencies now versus three decades ago. The advantage today, Jon posited, comes as much from “who you know” as “what you know” in areas such as venture capital, giving an inherent advantage to managers with the deepest networks.

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