February 17, 2018

The 2018 Hirtle Callaghan Investors’ Conference

Over 200 clients and friends attended Hirtle Callaghan’s 2018 Investors’ Conference which took place from January 21st-23rd at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona; this also kicked off our celebration of 30 years of serving our clients.

We discussed the idea that, more than ever before, parts of the world’s most successful enterprises are for sale every day through the world’s stock exchanges and private markets. That universe of opportunity, while exciting, can be overwhelming. How can we exploit new world complexity to first protect, then grow the precious assets on which our families and communities depend?

Differentiated success requires differentiated thinking and our 2018 Keynote Speaker, renowned author Malcolm Gladwell, regularly challenges established concepts and assumptions. His thought provoking books and podcasts examine our human biases and ask all of us to think differently. Combining new, deeper insights and ever increasing capabilities into a complete investment program that really works for our clients is what we have come to call The Art of Responsibility. This is centered on the notion that good investing results from striking the harmonic between engineering and art, data and intuition, conviction and deliberation. This was the theme of our conference and something we practice every day.

2018 Investors’ Conference Summary