December 29, 2020

The Skorina Letter: Jon Hirtle and the OCIO Juggernaut

What does it mean to be an OCIO today?  Jon Hirtle tackles this question in a recent interview featured in The Skorina Letter, a widely read newsletter for the investment industry. Jon talks to Charles Skorina about the evolution of the independent investment office, what it means to manage serious money and the notion of Promise-Driven Investing:

“Serious investors care deeply about keeping their promises…We promise our families that we will continue to live in a certain way, we promise to support the causes we care for and often we promise to help provide for our children and grandchildren.  In an institutional setting, we promise to support current needs as well as the needs of our community’s future. Those promises can be tallied up to calculate a “required return.”

Achieve that required return and we can fulfill our promises; fail to achieve it and we are likely to disappoint the people and causes we love… when we ask our clients which risk matters most, they almost always place “mission failure” at the top of the list.”

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