May 5, 2020

What Impact Will COVID-19 Have on Higher Education?

No one knows the full effect that COVID-19 will have on colleges and universities, but we believe the state of higher education will be forever changed.  Over the near term, endowment returns and charitable giving will decline, enrollment trends will shift and the demand for financial aid will rise – placing significant pressure on school operating models.


John Griffith, Vice President and  our Endowment Specialist, believes that the current recession will exacerbate the prevailing negative trends in higher education. He argues that many colleges and universities need to make dramatic changes today to safeguard their institutions for the future.


In our article, “The Great Financial Crisis’ Impact on Higher Education – Will History Repeat Itself?” We explore what happened to higher education after the great financial crisis and what insight that may provide for the current market environment. Understanding these trends can help colleges and universities better position themselves to tackle challenges lying ahead and build sustainable programs for the future.


The Great Financial Crisis’ Impact on Higher Education Excerpt


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